FM250 Vampire- demo aicraft - tow machine

Price without VAT
84 525.00 €
Price with VAT
102 275.25 €

Special offer demo aircraft, produced at the end of 2018, during 2019 served as an exhibition machine of our company, 65 flight hours. Only the one item is available at an exceptional price including bonus equipment. If you are interested, do not miss this opportunity…Demo flight is possible at LKJA airport, please contact us in advance to arrange a possible date.

Aircraft equipment:
""Ready to Fly - tow machine" configuration
„Ready to Fly - tow machine“ configuration consists of engine ROTAX 912 ULS 100 HP, 2-blade in flight adjustable propeller (Woodcomp SR 3000), carbon instrument panel equipped by airspeed indicator UL, Slip Indicator, Altimeter, EMS DIGI (Fuel Presure, RPM, oil presure, oil temp. CHT, Fuel Level Indicator) /instruments made by KANARDIA/, Radio KRT2, TQ SYSTEMS, full dual control / free of charge not only for pilot schools /, quality wheels and hydraulic brakes Beringer, parking brake, luggage compartment, panoramic canopy with blue tinting and ventilation windows on both sides, upholstered seats and interior elements in leather, side pockets, rugs, white paint, tow hook for gliders, electric fuel pump.

Plus extra equipment included:
- HORIS standalone unit with integrated sensors, 80 mm (Artificial horizont, altimeter, airspeed indicator, variometr, symmetrical turn indicator, G-meter, GPS sensor, electrical compass)
- 2nd fuel tank (total tank capacity is 100 l)
- Cockpit heating
- Strobe Lights including Position Lights
- Landing light
- Aerodynamic wheel covers
- Graphic design of aircraft (stickers) - the blue one design what you can see at our website
- MAGNUM 601 parachute (already for flying to 600 kg MTOW)

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