FM250 Vampire K "SIMPLE 100"

Price without VAT
83 465.50 €
Price with VAT
100 993.25 €

New aircraft for special price in configuration “SIMPLE“. We chose the most common used equipment and options for your FM250 Vampire, to get comfortable feeling and effective flying style. This configuration is also the most ordered during these years by pilots and flying schools. We bring a simple way and special price for your new FM250 Vampire aircraft. Do not miss this chance…

This offer is time limited to the 31st of December 2020:

FM250 Vampire with engine ROTAX 912 ULS 100 HP, fuel tank in both wings, together 120 l fuel capacity for flight over 1500 km, over 8 flight hours*, propeller SR 200, 3-blade, on ground adjustable, carbon instrument panel equipped by avionics from KANARDIA -airspeed indicator, slip indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, EMS DIGI (Fuel Pressure, RPM, manifold pressure, oil pressure, oil temp. , CHT, Fuel Level Indicator, totalizer, voltage), 12V sockets on both sides of the instrument panel, full dual controls, Beringer wheels and hydraulic brakes, parking brake, blue tinted panoramic canopy and ventilation windows, four-point safety belts, upholstered seats and interior elements in leather, side pockets, carpeted floor, luggage compartment behind seats, white paint.

Plus extra equipment included:
- Cockpit heating
- Electrical fuel pump
- Parachute rescue system STRATOS 07 MAGNUM 601 (already fulfil the new certification for flight up to 600 kg MTOW)


(* used photos are for illustrative purposes only)


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